Marc takes complex marketing and brand issues, dramatically simplifies them, then gives them a creative twist that leaves everyone smiling.

John McDonald, Tech Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist

Here’s who I’m right for

I’m right for clients with two issues. First, those in transition – just launching, at a critical juncture, or dying for a reboot. And second, those frustrated by brand misalignment.

Clients from complex sectors like healthcare, tech and sustainability seem to find me. That said, I’ve worked in virtually every arena, from packaged goods and beer to insurance and cars.


Here’s what I do for them

I help clients build brands that become their north star – the light that guides their company forward.

I then show them how to harness that north star to rally teams, communicate more effectively, launch products, improve operational performance and surround consumers with a consistent experience.


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Marc Stoiber

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