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Is BMW’s New i Program About Cars, Or Mobility?

Click on the photo above to see the interview, which aired on Fox News February 25th, 2011. BMW announced its innovative new i project this week. Much of the fanfare surrounding the annoucement focussed on the endorsement of electric by

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How To Get Past Know.

Are you encouraging progress, or killing ideas before they have a chance? Here’s how to push for good ideas, and polish the diamonds in the rough.

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Do These Eco-Innovations Have A Future?

There are four distinct quadrants of eco-innovations, and plenty of exciting examples in each area. Which are the winners, and which are the binners?

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Is Eco-innovation A Corporate Secret?

Eco-innovation is gathering steam as companies like Nike roll out new, green products. But why aren’t these products being labelled as green?

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Are You Ready To Eco-Innovate?

Even as eco-efficiency gathers steam at corporations, another trend is on the horizon. Have you started to think about eco-innovation yet?

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