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From One Virgin, Countless Entrepreneurs Are Born

Virgin fosters entrepreneurs around the world. Not only is this good for local economies, communities and the environment – it’s also paying off handsomely in ideas for Virgin.

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Consumers Will Save The World (If You Give Them Points)


Loyalty programs like AIR MILES For Social Change have driven consumers en masse to green products and services. What’s the secret?

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Fast Forwarding Future Innovation

Enabling an exciting future often means finding innovative solutions in the more mundane present. Discover how Ford got the solar technology it wanted for tomorrow, by creating innovative financing partnerships today.

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Building Ripples Into Your Futureproof Brand

The concept of brand has rippled, or expanded, greatly with the rise of sustainability. Here’s how one leading company created a ripple with local water.

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Futureproof Brands – My GLOBE Conference Webinar

On March 6th, 2012, I presented an overview of Futureproof Brands as a preamble to the GLOBE Conference. The slides and transcript are attached here.

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