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Market Transformation: Can Washing Machines Really Help Clean Up Surfing?

The culture of surfing is awash in environmentalism. Beneath the mythical veneer, however, the business of surfing (worth $7 billion annually) is big business. So it has all the usual problems – and then some – as it looks to live up to its eco-friendly image. If the surfboard building industry can be transformed into a sustainable model, it can be a catalyst for spurring the larger surf apparel businesses to follow suit.

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Don’t Ignore The Innovation In Front Of You

I admit it. I’m a sucker for big, bold innovation. It gets headlines, and reassures our belief in human ingenuity. But Jeff Walter of HP presented a new perspective on bringing ideas to market that certainly made me rethink my position.

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Three Insights That Will Futureproof Your Business

Prior to the yearly Sustainable Brands conference, I interview and blog about the show’s keynote speakers. This exposes me to the innovations these business and sustainability leaders are presenting at the podium. And through my writing, I help bring their ideas, and the event, to a broader audience. Here are a few insights I gathered. Hope they trigger your next game changer!

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Is The World Ready For Your Innovation?

As sustainability in business evolves, new innovations come on tap. But how do you know if the world is ready for the next leap forward?

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Accelerating Innovation With Human Chemistry

BASF’s tagline is ‘Creating Chemistry’. How does this tie into sustainability and innovation? Turns out, the chemistry in question isn’t about molecules, but people.

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