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Designing Sustainability That Sells

Consumers are beginning to express their desire for more sustainable products. But by and large, those products are not making themselves easy to love. So I was excited to hear about the partnership between 7th Generation and Ecologic Brands, a packaging company that balances low-impact materials with eye-popping design.

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Gambling, Entertainment…Sustainability?

Sustainability provides a natural brand link in some categories. Organics are perceived as a step up in food and body care, high efficiency is an increasingly easy sell in automotive.

But casinos? It’s hard to see the link between hedonism and a happy planet.

If Caesars is any indicator, that’s about to change.

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How To Solve A Problem People Don’t Know They Have

Chipotle is a restaurant chain that does extremely well serving fresh food fast. But is their approach to sustainability just as fresh? And more important, do their customers even care?

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