About Marc Stoiber

I’m a creative director and strategist who builds brands equipped to thrive today, and tomorrow.

I do it by stripping away all but the essence of the brand; marrying that essence to the emotional needs of consumers; and building in mechanisms to help the brand learn, adapt and evolve.

My expertise comes from a 25 year career bridging advertising, design, sustainability, and innovation. Hybrid experience, hybrid skillset.

I’ve worked for big agencies on three continents, run my own company, and built great, resilient brands for global players and startups alike.

My skills add the greatest value to brands that need to reinvent or evolve.  Brands that want to upset the applecart. Brands that want to stop looking nervously over their shoulder.

In addition to consulting with clients, I write on futureproofing brands for journals like Fast Company and Huffington Post, and speak on the subject from coast to coast.

A little on me.

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