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Your Ultimate Presentation

Impress your audience and de-stress yourself with this step-by-step guide to crafting ovation-worthy presentations.


25 years of experience inform this guide and workbook. These are the proven steps I use successfully in my brand-building.

Didn't See It Coming

My award-winning book on the tectonic shifts driving marketing today, from cultural chaos and climate change to economic meltdown.

Stop Busting Your Brand

Why do marketers and brand stewards keep making the same mistakes, and how can you learn from their missteps?

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Your brand bible template20220422224219
brand bible template image for story by marc stoiber

Your brand bible template

April 22, 2022
A brand bible is the foundation you build your brand on – and with a brand bible template, crafting a great brand bible...
Seven reasons why nobody understands your marketing message20220413233442
Image for nobody understands your marketing message story by marc stoiber

Seven reasons why nobody understands your marketing message

April 13, 2022
Here’s why nobody understands your marketing message. It doesn’t get to the point, It doesn’t take the cust...
Craft a simple marketing message that sells20220412005159
marc stoiber

Craft a simple marketing message that sells

April 12, 2022
When Nathaniel Hawthorne famously said “Easy reading is damn hard writing”, he could’ve been thinking about...
The ultimate brand positioning framework20220330063317
Marc Stoiber

The ultimate brand positioning framework

March 30, 2022
What is a brand positioning framework? A brand positioning framework is a construct that enables you to find the right place ...

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