Why a 3 Minute Pitch?

Pitches are sometimes won, and lost, in seconds. By three minutes, there’s no doubt: your audience has everything they need to cast judgment. If you want your idea to live, you need to learn to pitch quickly, simply, and effectively

Ready to pitch… now?

Pitches happen in non-pitch settings. Barbeques. Airport bars. Riding the proverbial elevator. There’s no script. No powerpoint. Just you and your idea. And the clock is ticking.

The four core elements of the 3 Minute Pitch. Plus two.

The 3 Minute Pitch is built on four elements you’ll find in every winning pitch:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Magic  
  • Proof


What makes it special, however, are two more elements that are woven in: 

  • Psychological insights
  • Storytelling


The result? A highly effective pitch that is infinitely relatable, with a storyline that makes it easy to remember, and retell.

Who needs a 3 Minute Pitch?

  • Founders
  • Sales staff
  • Managers
  • Marketers

The 3 Minute Pitch book

The 3 Minute Pitch book gives you all the insights and steps you need to build a concentrated, concise pitch. You’ll find the 3 Minute Pitch methodology from my intensive workshops waiting for you. Plus stories and pitch anecdotes that’ll put a smile on your face.

The 3 Minute Pitch course

The 3 Minute Pitch course is guided instruction that walks you through every step of constructing a 3 Minute Pitch. It’s designed to keep you motivated, keep you smiling, and deliver a pitch that turns heads.

The 3 Minute Pitch workshop

Building a great pitch is a team sport. The 3 Minute Pitch workshop, held in select locations throughout the year, teams you up with other entrepreneurs in an intense, highly creative atmosphere led by 3 Minute Pitch founder Marc Stoiber.

The pitchman behind the 3 Minute Pitch

Marc Stoiber spent the first 15 years of his career pitching ad campaigns to nervous clients at agencies around the world. He spent the next 15 (and counting) helping entrepreneurs turn complex propositions into simple, highly persuasive pitches and marketing.

Marc helped us prepare for – and WIN – our pitch for the $1 million TD Ready Challenge. Marc’s talent for making complicated concepts simple – and creative – was instrumental in developing a pitch for our work.

~ Nick Dechev, Founder, Victoria Hand Project

Marc helped me focus my thinking in a positive and effective way. He helped me understand my relationship to those with whom I hope to engage. His messages are practical and based on his deep experience with brand building.

~ Peter Chapman, Shareholder Association for Research and Education

Marc delivers actionable, impactful advice right off the bat. He is able to narrow in on what works and doesn’t overcomplicate things (music to a startup’s ears).

~Emily Mathison, Founder, Waterworth

I took Marc’s workshop the day before an important sales call. In the middle of the sales call, I said ‘Can I tell you a story?’ I went on to tell the story I crafted in Marc’s workshop and ended up closing the biggest consulting contract in our company’s history.

~ Kyle Guilfoyle, Founder, NimbleBar Systems 

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March 7th – 8th,
Kwench, 2031 Store Street, Victoria BC

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