Want a bigger market cap? you need a bigger story.

stock graph with events_marc stoiber brand strategy

“Marc helped us create our campaign ‘Knowing Pays’. The campaign reflected our brand DNA, our sustainable differentiation and broke through the cluttered Financial Services comms landscape with an innovative approach.

Most importantly, these communication efforts resulted in significant and measurable gains in brand awareness, opinion and key brand attributes that had proven correlation to business growth.”

Karla Congson, Marketing Director, AIM Trimark.

“I love what you’ve done. I love the flow, how you’ve woven my critique of our industry into a story that positions my company for success. No one in our industry has ever done anything like this – and I mean no one. No one in our business has ever given a speech like this. I love it!”

George Salamis, Chairman, Director of Integra Gold Corporation (See George’s full story here)

INComm. Where investment communications meets big brand storytelling.

Incomm brings the compelling magic and trust of big brands to investment communications.

Some of the biggest brands in the world chose us to tell their story. Winning awards and setting records for new revenue.

Now, with Incomm, we’re helping companies get financial support using big brand storytelling.

Get Incomm. Grow income.

Big stories close big deals.


close financings successfully

You need to close financings. You need to grow market cap.

But first things first. You need to convince an audience of investors.

A compelling case alone won’t do it. If that case isn’t wrapped in a story your audience loves, you won’t get results.

Tell a great story – a story investors will remember, a story they’ll cheer for – and you’ll succeed.


grow your market cap – news is not enough

Companies that don’t position their events to the market properly get no respect.

To leverage an event, you need to drive the following messages:

  • ¬†This company has a big, achievable vision with predictable results;
  • Now is the time to act or you’ll miss the opportunity;
  • This is the team you can trust.

What’s more, you need to tell that story in a way that captures the imagination of your audience. If they only remember one story, it has to be yours.

How does your story stack up? Click here for an assessment.


Experienced big brand storyteller

I spent nearly 20 years at ad agencies around the world, creating award-winning communications for brands like Budweiser, McDonald’s, Unilever and Procter & Gamble.

My campaigns drove credible, consistent results. This work for Mr. Clean rescued the brand from insolvency, making it Procter’s worldwide turnaround of the year. My rebrand of SISU Vitamins enabled the company owners to sell the brand at more than twice their purchase price. And my campaign for the newly-merged AIM Trimark brand helped the mutual fund company capture the Top Fund Company in Canada position.

Today, my focus is investment events and public markets. The goal is to help public and private companies along a path to predictable success, using big brand storytelling to leverage every event for maximum investment and market activity.

I also work directly with executives who want to create TED-calibre talks. With Your Ultimate Speech, my team provides speechwriting services, presentation coaching, slide design, keynote publicity, even videography and animated ‘trailer’ creation.

Is your company right for big brand storytelling?


how to get started?

If your company is planning to raise money or drive market cap growth, now is the time to talk.

Here’s how our process works.

First,  we uncover the essence of your business Рwhy you exist. We craft a story around that essence that enables you to convey it to others Рquickly, effortlessly, and with brilliant clarity.

Next, we craft your Unique Selling Proposition – the attributes that make you uniquely suited to delivering the goods.

We then examine how, and when to tell your story. What events are on your horizon? What sort of momentum do you want to create around them?

From there, we fill in your presentation to give it the richness and depth that makes it spellbinding to investors. This includes a beautifully designed slide show, coaching, and modular elements that can be included or left out of your presentation.

Finally, we unearth every possible corollary opportunity to spread your story, from your leave-behinds to your website.

The result? A big brand story that captivates your audience, gets them nodding, and drives predictable, positive results.

Let’s get started on your big brand story



Each Incomm engagement is bespoke, with some variance in deliverables. That said, our core package of deliverables includes:

  • A core presentation script, written in your words, by one of our acclaimed speechwriters,
  • A core slide show, beautifully art directed by one of our award-winning designers, to accompany your script,
  • Modular ‘add on’ slide shows and scripts, enabling you to modify your core presentation as your story evolves,
  • Presentation coaching – both for the presentation, and for other media moments.
  • Video – a stunning TED-style video of your entire presentation, a trailer, or even an animated ‘whiteboard’ short.