In the spring of 2017, the BC Lotteries Communications team participated in my inaugural SpeechDIY Course.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we went through a series of lessons – from storyboarding to creating ‘breadcrumb’ slideshows.

I was thrilled when BCLC’s CEO Jim Lightbody joined in, and used our workshops to craft his own Employee Sessions speech. As you can see from Jim’s note below, the results were all positive.

Marc will simply make you better

I first met Marc when he came to speak to my CEO Forum group and I was taken by his approach to public speaking and matching it to storytelling. We all know we can be better at public speaking and personally, I knew I didn’t want to be a “story reader” and I didn’t want to be married to a podium looking at notes so I didn’t forget something.

In preparation for our annual Employee Sessions (like an Annual Meeting), I needed to speak and hopefully inspire our 900 employees. Marc worked with me and several members of our Communications team to storyboard then script a speech that would then be adopted by me in my own words. In order to embed it cleanly in my memory, we then crafted “breadcrumb” slides that would serve as visual guides for me as well as help the audience follow the story. I can tell you these visual clues were critical for me. The other thing he was great at was helping us keep the story flowing. And keeping it on point and not meandering endlessly. 

Marc’s support didn’t stop there. He made sure I practiced with him and coached me through the preparation. I can tell you that I had many of my employees tell me they saw and heard a much better speaker than they had seen before.
I wholeheartedly recommend Marc to anyone who wants to be a better speaker and make a positive impact. We’ll use him again, I won’t forget.
Jim Lightbody