Dtermin was created to bring the power of search marketing to those who need it most, but understand the technology least: entrepreneurs.

I was engaged to make the massive technological prowess of Dtermin simple and painless, an experience that would leave users feeling enabled, not deflated.

The engagement began with the creation of a brand compass document. This document helped us maintain focus through countless iterations of the tool.

From there, we focused on creating an experience that was simple, efficient, and enabling for the user (remember, entrepreneurs want to feel in control). There was no ‘black box’ that spit out search terms. Instead, users were invited to hone their master list with search terms selected based on their suitability for organic or paid search.

Finally,  we mapped out options for putting the terms to use. Again, users were put in control and invited to try out several options to see what worked best for them.

We anticipate the iterations, A/B tests and tweaks to continue indefinitely – this project will never conclude, just become more and more refined. However, my focus is shifting from simplifying the product to generating attention through content marketing. Again, several innovative approaches are being assessed.