Praditus is a Paris-based company that has created an extremely powerful psychometric analysis tool. The Praditus tool enables people to gain critical insight into everything from their values and archetype to their skills and ideal team roles.

The Praditus team approached me with a twofold assignment. First, to help differentiate their product from a host of sophisticated competitors. And second, to help target their offering effectively to four distinct audiences: HR professionals optimizing employee performance and job satisfaction; university professors helping students understand their potential; job seekers; and entrepreneurs.

I began with an indepth analysis of their primary audience – HR professionals. This included research on the tools they were currently using, their perspective on the HR / employee relationship, and the unique hurdles HR professionals were facing inside corporations.

Based on these insights, we created a user persona, user journey and USP, which evolved into Praditus’ brand foundation document.

Next, I helped Praditus’ communications team rewrite their website to reflect the insights and positioning. You can see the results here.