Pure is a pharmacy that embraces integrative thinking, with remedies that combine the best of conventional pharma, homeopathy and naturopathy.

The company engaged me to create cohesion: they were rapidly expanding, and needed consistency and focus to ensure the stores presented a harmonious impression.

After extensive marketplace research and brainstorming, we moved forward with a ‘hub of health’ brand platform. The stores would become places to meet integrative health experts, dive into health issues, and build a sense of community with other forward-thinking citizens.

The physical elements of the brand we created included a new logo (with a modified pharmacy cross superimposed over an ‘alternative’ tilted cross), advertising, even store design.

Just as important, though, we analyzed how to fulfill on the intangible ‘hub of health’ positioning.  This led us to map out things like a knowledge-sharing network for pharmacists, naturopaths and homeopaths inside Pure; and a ‘Global Expert’ network of outside experts who could regularly speak at Pure to educate both staff and customers.