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A powerful, focused brand is the ultimate unfair business advantage. It attracts consumers. It focuses your business. It sticks your product in peoples’ heads, and pushes your competition out.

Who says you need to pay a fortune to build that brand?

I created this step-by-step guide based on the process I’ve honed over 25 years tuning up powerful  brands like Mr. Clean and Budweiser, and building scrappy startup brands from scratch. It works.

Best of all, it’s not intimidating or confusing. It doesn’t overload you with work. In fact, it’s ridiculously common sense.

Here’s to creating your unfair business advantage.


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“This is definitely the best resource you’ll find. It teaches you how to describe to others what your brand really is – something every entrepreneur innately ‘feels’ but just can’t verbalize.”

  • Neil Belenkie, CEO, The $2000 Coffee

“Brilliant marketing for brilliant non-marketers – like you.”

  • David Knapp-Fisher, GSD, Writer, Speaker, Master Connector

“There are a lot of DIY brand strategy products out there, but few as well thought out and useful as this one.”

  • Rebecca Kirstein, Educator, Entrepreneur, Founder ‘Summit at the Pier’

“The Brand Tune-up Guide by Marc Stoiber offers the reader and user of the Guide the opportunity to access his deep marketing expertise and dive quickly and easily into what will refresh and make their brand come more alive.”

  • Paul Kurucz,  Entrepreneur and Marketing Professor