Is your speech a moonshot speech?

I just published another blog post for Your Ultimate Speech. This one is on a subject most executives ignore when they’re crafting their presentation – how to ensure you deliver a visionary ‘moonshot’ message instead of just laying out bullets on powerpoint slides.

Here’s the post. Enjoy!

And if you’re looking for some tweetables, here are a few to choose from:

‘Inspirational speech’ is like ‘viral video’ – a great conversational soundbite, but devilishly hard to do.

Anyone offering you a simple answer to crafting an inspirational speech should be treated with deep suspicion.

JFK didn’t do three easy tips in his speeches. He left that for his strategists to work out behind closed doors.

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Think of your speech. Is there a big, lofty idea in there that will give your audience goosebumps?

If you have a complex topic to address, you can still do an inspirational speech. The trick is creating a leave behind.

If it were easy to do a moonshot speech, we’d all do them. We’d also all write Oscar-winning screenplays.

Fact of the matter, you may not get to the moon with your speech. But as the quote goes, if you aim for the moon and miss, chances are you’ll still hit a star.

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