Make infographics core to your communication

Infographics are the antidote to the data firehose. They break complex information into graphic bits, tie the bits together with arrows and circles, and assemble them in pictures so pretty you want to wrap your Christmas presents in them.

Magic, no?

No. Anyone who has tried to construct an infographic quickly understands it isn’t the graphics that make things work. It’s the art of reduction, organization, and discipline – the ingredients of any sort of effective communication.

So how do you create an effective infographic?

That was the topic of my conversation with Midori Nediger, the design evangelist at Venngage.

Venngage helps people DIY infographics. On the surface, that’s a very very cool thing. I love ideas that help people create more effective communications.

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But as I mentioned above, great tools like Venngage can’t turn hypercomplex information into breezy, easy to follow graphic stories by themselves. You need to bring something to the party.

Over the course of our 30 minute podcast, Midori and I unpacked the art of infographic creation. There are plenty of useful tips in the conversation that will help you create brilliant infographics. Enjoy!

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