DIY Brand Build Guide + 1 hour Skype tutorial


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The DIY Brand Build Guide removes the obstacles standing between you and a great brand.

Marc Stoiber, a 25 year veteran marketer, entrepreneur and award-winning brand builder, walks you through the simple, common-sense steps that he has used building great brands like Mr. Clean, Bud Light and AIM Trimark.

To make things even simpler, Marc structured the Guide like a workbook – you can type your answers and highlights right into the document!

Stuck? talk to marc

If you want a real brand veteran to work with, Marc is ready to take your skype call.

This version of the Guide lets you skype with Marc for an hour – more than enough time to brainstorm, compare notes, and get you past any issues you may be facing.

Product Description

A great brand drives sales, builds culture and enables you to stand out from your competitors. But how do you build that brand without spending a fortune on marketers?

This DIY Guide is the answer. Crafted by veteran marketer, brand consultant and entrepreneur Marc Stoiber, it walks you through a simple step-by-step process that will help you develop the brand you need to thrive.

25 years of wisdom and experience are contained in this Guide. Consider it your prescription to creating real, muscle-building ideas for your brand and business.

how it works

Stoiber walks you through the fundamental steps of building a powerful brand: doing effective research, crafting your story, and finding Unique Selling Proposition, essence statement and key visual – the building blocks of every great brand.

The Guide is a downloadable workbook – you can type answers and highlights right into the text.

The entire exercise is designed to be spread out over the course of four weeks, allowing you time to work, reflect, brainstorm, and validate your ideas with others. Not only is it creatively fulfilling – it also builds a team spirit around crafting your unique brand.

stuck? talk to me

The DIY Brand Build Guide will help you build an effective brand. But Marc can help you build an outstanding brand.

As part of this package, you can access Marc on skype for an hour.  Brainstorm with him, bulletproof your ideas, compare notes with him.

It’s exactly the sort of high calibre insight you need to build brand ideas with real muscle.


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