Is your current brand strategy “busting your brand”?

There are five mistakes that brand stewards – regardless if they’re running a global behemoth like Bud, or are fresh out of the garage – seem to make again and again.


To outsiders, the mistakes are easy to spot. But brand building is an exercise in honesty, humility and often painful awareness. Qualities that we aren’t always keen to engage. 

Stop Busting Your Brand is a lighthearted look at the learnings of 30 years in the business branding game. It will provide you with perspective and, hopefully, insights into how to tweak, tweak, and tweak your brand again. 


You’ll learn

  • How to understand your brand’s personality
  • What your brand actually does best
  • The value of your brand
  • How to find your core audience, and communicate with them


Marc is an amazing CD. He is able to combine wild, off-the-wall creativity with a business-like perspective on the ‘thrill of the hunt’ and the ultimate point that all advertising creative is in the service of selling more product. IMO, Marc is a compelling combination of the practicality of John Caples, the creativity of Bill Bernbach, and the business perspective of Leo Burnett. Like Ogilvy, Stoiber deals with people from all walks of life, and he teaches them all about advertising by reviewing work and discussing with them how to blend art and copy in new and interesting ways. Marc is a true Mad Man — with at 21st century twist. – Grad Conn, CMO, Sprinklr



Marc is one those rare creative types that is also concerned with the strategic approach to drive the creative insight. This proved to deliver excellent creative executions for the Dairy Queen Canada business. Ron Caughlin, former CMO, Dairy Queen Canada


Marc is one of a kind. He gets it. He knows how to distill layers of noise to get to the essence of any communication – which is always the most fun, inspiring and engaging way to work with anyone. Heidi Ehlers, Entrepreneur

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