Want a brand that thrives into the future? Learn to decode happiness today.

Brands sell happiness. And, of course, brands sell perennial unhappiness.

They’re two sides of the same coin – on the one hand, we promise consumers that their next purchase will make them happy. And as soon as they’ve made the purchase, we tell them they need to update to the latest model / version / colour to truly be happy. It’s sad, but this method of selling planned obsolescence is a reality of 20th century marketing.

Until now.

Consumers are getting wise to marketers’ superficial promises of happiness through consumption. They’re beginning to understand that happiness without consumption isn’t just possible, but natural.

How will brands survive?

To decode happiness from a brand perspective, I brought aboard author and psychologist John Marshall Roberts. Check out our lively discussion below!

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How to unleash your inner TED in a speech.

In this podcast, I address the most difficult part of writing a speech – getting started.

We love the lofty thoughts expressed by masters like JFK and Martin Luther King. But when we need to craft our own visionary speech, it comes out sounding like a 12 point plan. Boring.

I invited my friend, John Marshall Roberts, to share his thoughts on how to unlock your big vision ideas for your next speech. John, an acclaimed author and behavioural psychologist, helps people get past their limiting beliefs.

Enjoy the podcast. And please do pass it along to your friends.


What’s Holding You Back as a Communicator?

In this podcast, I speak with author and cutting-edge psychologist John Marshall Roberts about the Voice Code – his new foray into forces that block us from realizing our potential.

Having witnessed the Voice Code in action (Roberts helped me gain clarity on the direction of my new book Didn’t See It Coming, making the writing significantly less painful!) I can vouch for the power of his work.