Ready, Fire, Aim – My Keynote at Rogers Talks.

This Fall, I gave a keynote on the power of brand thinking in social media for Rogers Talks.

Unbeknownst to me, the event was filmed. And just yesterday, I stumbled on this video of my entire keynote.

Hope it provides some good thoughtstarters for anyone about to jump into a social media campaign, and underlines why pays to think about what you’re going to say, before you say it to your 5,000 closest friends.


Social Media, Brand Strategy and Storytelling. The Didn’t See It Coming Podcast

In this program, host Ian Jessop and I discuss how brands often leapfrog brand strategy and story to arrive at social media tactics…with disastrous results.

Inspired by my keynote at this month’s Social Media Camp conference (download the transcript here) and my new book, the conversation includes good, bad and ugly examples of branded social media.

If you’re in charge of brand strategy for your company, it’s well worth a listen.

Didn’t See It Coming 1: The Podcast


For those of you unfamiliar with my book Didn’t See It Coming, this podcast should help.

It’s the first in an ongoing series, pulled from my monthly radio appearances on CFAX radio. In each appearance, I discuss a headlining topic, and how it relates to futureproofing brands.

This first podcast is a merry romp through the death of old advertising and the chaos of what’s replacing it.

All kidding aside, host Ian Jessop and I lay the groundwork for podcasts to come by chatting about the book’s inspiration, the iterations of advertising I’ve experienced in my career, and lessons for brands that want to thrive into the future.

Look for a fresh podcast monthly!

Didn’t see it coming: my Social Media Camp podcast.

This spring, I’m delivering a keynote at Social Media Camp. To build buzz around the event, SMC founder Chris Burdge and I got together for a lively 40 minute podcast.

My podcast covered brand strategy, the future of advertising, and electric scooter races.

A good time was had by all.

Click here to hear the full podcast.