The power of a visual brand

There simply is nothing more powerful than a visual brand – a brand you can identify without words by simply seeing a powerful icon.

That’s why, as part of virtually every brand project, I help my clients create key visuals.

These visuals aren’t logos. Instead, they’re a visual metaphor for what your brand does best.

Get your key visual nailed, and you’re one step closer to creating a powerful visual brand.

Powerful visual brands stand the test of time

There are wonderful examples to draw from. The man hanging from the girder beautifully demonstrates the adhesive power of Krazy Glue. The gorilla trying to break an American Tourister suitcase proves the case for the luggage’s toughness.

So what’s your key visual? Crack this one, and you have a terrific icon you can use everywhere – in your office, on your stationery, In your ads, on your website and social, even as giveaways for your clients. It’s worth its weight in gold.

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How to start building your visual brand

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