The Ultimate Presentation Workshop

Build your own winning presentation skills in a collaborative, creative, high-energy environment

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Convince, captivate, and convert with your presentation.

Your Ultimate Presentation was designed with executives and leadership teams in mind. In 2 half days, you’ll learn:

  • How to turn any topic into an attention-getting topic,
  • How to craft imaginative, alluring storylines,
  • How to turn writing and rehearsal into a fun team sport,
  • How to build analog, easy-to-tweak storyboards,
  • How to harness peer review for dramatic improvement, and
  • How to reduce memorization jitters.

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Meet Marc Stoiber, your coach. 

As a creative director at global ad agencies, Marc Stoiber’s job was to convince skeptical clients to buy big brand ideas. He had to sell, or else.

Now, he’s helping executives and teams craft presentations that captivate, convince and compel. In 2019 alone, his clients included:

  • A startup that pitched and won a $1 million investment,
  • A CEO who convinced 900 employees to adopt radical disruption,
  • A young founder who debuted her presentation to an audience of 1,300 – and won an ovation.

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As a TEDx Organizer, I found Marc’s Your Ultimate Presentation process amazing to work with through the entire TEDx process – from assessing speakers, to coaching, to maintaining speaker energy. The level of commitment and professionalism he exhibited was inspiring. This added to our whole team’s demeanour, and spread through all stakeholders of the event. Most importantly, this positivity and energy could be directly correlated to the quality in our speakers talks. Not one, not two, but all TWELVE of our speakers presented a captivating TEDx speech at the main event. This directly resulted in increased engagement with our livestream and post-event views exceeding our anticipated numbers by over 1400%! – Kyle Ingram, TEDxRRU Organizer



I REALLY enjoyed your presentation course. Rarely do I get such useful and practical tips from a workshop – tips that make such a quick and measurable improvement in my work. So thank you! I’ve been raving about it to anyone who shares my fear of public speaking, or to those who really want to up their game to a TEDx level. – Shelley Boyer, Entrepreneur in Residence, VIATEC



I had to deliver a presentation to a group of my peers in 24 hours, I was extremely busy with work, and when I looked at my powerpoint and speech content, they were underwhelming. This was an important speech – there was new business on the line, and if this presentation went over well, it would pave the way to giving a presentation to hundreds of listeners at an upcoming conference. I didn’t want to take any chances.

Marc gave my speech a story structure that made it more compelling and entertaining, then added my personal stories to help me build empathy and rapport with the listeners. Next, he did an overhaul of my slide show, creating slides that guided me forward. Even if I were to forget my lines, the slides were designed to get me back on track. Finally, he rehearsed with me – especially the all-important opening and conclusion.

24 hours later, I stood up in front of my audience. My talk went over EXTREMELY well, with over half the audience following up to discuss new business. – Donald Chu, President, BenefitDeck Consulting



Marc has managed to make presenting (almost) enjoyable. No more need to imagine your audience naked or, even worse, memorize a script. Using innovations like ‘breadcrumb slides’, Marc shows you how you can unhesitatingly work through an hour of great storytelling without missing a beat. – David Cameron, Cameron Woods Portfolio Management


Marc’s message and workshop gave our team a different, effective way of delivering our messages to clients in a way that is more captivating and interesting than the traditional means of presenting. His enthusiasm and passion for the topic had the team engaged and really thinking about new ways to present our value proposition so that our message is all about the client and not about the presenter. Very effective and very fun! – Shawn Derby, SVP, CGI



Marc will simply make you better. In preparation for our annual Employee Sessions, I needed to speak to and inspire our 900 employees. Marc worked with me and several members of our Communications team to storyboard – then script – a speech that would then be adopted by me in my own words. I can tell you that many of my employees told me they saw and heard a much better speaker than they had seen before. – Jim Lightbody, CEO, BCLC