FREE Brand Audit

Regular brand audits are critical to building a brand that delivers results and revenue. They point out areas where your brand is inconsistent, underwhelming or absent.

The reason most business owners don’t do regular audits? They find the process tedious.

That’s where this free audit comes in.

It isn’t exhaustive in scope, and doesn’t stretch on for an eternity. It’s more of a snapshot of your brand’s health, conducted by yourself, and a brand expert who can quickly isolate areas for improvement.

Getting started is as easy as clicking.

How it works

Once you click, we send you ten questions. You answer the questions, and send them back to us.

Then we get to work, analyzing your information and tapping the expertise we’ve developed working on hundreds of brands to put together some powerful insights and thoughtstarters.

Within five days, we book a call to review our findings with you. Following the call, you get a brief summary and recommended fixes.

Why this brand audit?

We’ve helped build hundreds of successful brands. From multinationals like Procter, Budweiser and McDonalds to unicorns like Pathway Innovations, Smart Sweets and Gardening Know How. 

Every successful brand we work with has their eye on the same indicators:

  1. Is the brand aligned with the founder’s vision, and the customers’ needs?
  2. Is the brand positioned effectively against the competition? 
  3. Is the brand’s position consistent with its message to consumers and stakeholders?
  4. Is the brand creatively expressed to ‘stick’ in consumer brains?
  5. Is every brand initiative productive? 


The free brand audit addresses each of these areas. 

Ready to build your better brand?

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