Free Brand Audit

Give your customers a brand message that's powerful and consistent

Brands are like people. They have personalities. If the personality of your brand is weak or inconsistent, it destroys the trust you’re trying to build. This free brand audit provides a powerful snapshot of your brand you can immediately use.

4 simple steps


You click the button.
I send you 10 questions.


You send me your answers, and I do some forensic brand work.


We book a meeting, review your brand and brainstorm how to optimize it.


You get a detailed checklist, and the motivation to make your brand better.

Hans Anderssen
Hans Anderssen
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"Holy ****, was it ever worth it."
Sarah D'Arcey
Sarah D'Arcey
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"I felt inspired, motivated and started to look at how to tweak my website the moment the audit was done."
Aashika Abraham Chttiappa
Aashika Abraham Chttiappa
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"Marc's brand audit process was simple, succinct, and definitely valuable."
Tracey Nyholt
Tracey Nyholt
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"Sometimes you don't get what you expect. You get something better! That was my experience with this brand audit."

Why this brand audit?

I’ve helped build hundreds of successful brands over a 30 year career. From multinationals like Procter, Budweiser and McDonalds to unicorns like Pathway Innovations, Smart Sweets and Gardening Know How.

Every brand owner I work with has their eye on the same thing:

  1. Is the brand aligned with their vision, and their customers’ needs?
  2. Is the brand positioned effectively against the competition?
  3. Is the brand’s position consistent with its message?
  4. Is the brand creatively expressed to ‘stick’ in customer brains?
  5. Is every brand action productive? 


The free brand audit answers all these questions, and more.

What you get

A personal consultation

Our meeting is a 60 minute, private audit detailing what you’ve missed, and how to fix it.

Fixes identified

Specific fixes to your website, social channels, design and copy.

No risk, no pitch

The audit is free. There’s no sales pitch at the end. You decide if you need my help or not – zero pressure.

I'm Marc

  • I’m a brand strategy consultant with over 30 years of experience building successful brands.
  • In my previous career, I was the National Creative Director at Grey and the Toronto Creative Director at DDB. My work has won every major advertising award in the world, including 3 Cannes Lions.
  • Today, I work primarily with founders and entrepreneurs, enabling them to build brands that build their businesses.
  • My speciality is making complex propositions simple and engaging. That’s why tech and healthcare companies love working with me.