Building Procter’s Global Turnaround of the Year

Mr. Clean is one of the world’s best known brands. Unfortunately, it hadn’t innovated, and sales were in steady decline - there were rumours of a pending sale.

My team was called in to turn around the brand, marrying its legacy with modern-day technology. The result was a spectacular turnaround.


Although we oversaw multiple product launches and ad campaigns, the most audacious was Mr. Clean AutoDry. 

This campaign started as a skunkworks, where a core team of engineers and marketers joined forces in a non-descript warehouse to plan an incredible launch. 

The campaign would come to include a category-defying TV spot, billboards and instore, bold packaging, even appearances by Mr. Clean at the Oscars and NASCAR championships.

Lighting the fire

The best part of the campaign, however, was created by ordinary consumers. Small town fire departments were given free AutoDrys – in exchange for telling local dads and sons the secret behind their shiny fire engines. Goodwill was generated with charity donations, and coupons flowed freely.

The result

Mr. Clean became such a popular brand that it won Procter’s Global Turnaround of The Year.

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