Create Your Ultimate Presentation

Presentation writing is a natural extension of brand building. Both are made great through engaging stories and building empathy with the audience. And both can drive business results. 

I’ve written speeches and presentations for CEOs, TEDx speakers, and corporate teams in workshop settings. 

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Marc helped me to sharpen my ideas, better deliver them and make my talk more engaging and story-like. – Yarden Zilber, Owner, Sheng Enterprises



Marc is a master at his craft, and has an excellent ability to be able to see the heart of a topic, and identify creative and engaging ways to tell the story in the most compelling and powerful way. – Mark Shapiro, Consultant



Marc was Yoda to my Luke Skywalker as I prepared for my first TEDx talk. – Rob Abbott, Senior Manager, AOT Technologies



Marc recently mentored and coached me in creating and delivering a TEDx talk and I honestly believe he’s a genius! Marc helped me to find my main focus and then to craft a talk that spoke to people, opened their minds and inspired them. – Nikki Lineham, Founder, Educating Now


I’ve worked with a handful of speaking coaches throughout my career, and what I found especially helpful about Marc is his holistic approach — from crafting a compelling narrative, to engaging your audience, to delivery. He’s helped me refine my talk every step of the way. – Lauren Wang, Founder, The Flex Company



Marc will simply make you better. In preparation for our annual Employee Sessions, I needed to speak to and inspire our 900 employees. Marc worked with me and several members of our Communications team to storyboard – then script – a speech that would then be adopted by me in my own words. I can tell you that many of my employees told me they saw and heard a much better speaker than they had seen before. – Jim Lightbody, CEO, BCLC

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