Making a revolutionary mobile charger real.

ZiGGY was created by EV Safe Charge to bring a delightful robotic mobile charging experience to every parking space, making EV charging easier and more accessible than ever.

ZiGGY moves beyond the traditional fixed location charging of today and will create a new array of possibilities for drivers, commercial real estate owners and cities. It is a key element in the rapidly growing adoption of EVs across North America.

The challenge: To make this concept 'real' for investors, and build out a package that would enable a successful funding raise.


Both industrial design and graphic design were done by our project partners Box Clever. The vision was to create a frictionless, friendly customer journey, replacing critical moments of potential uncertainty or anxiety with a sense of ease and trust.

Ingenious design touches included adding digital displays to ZiGGY which served as both callouts to the drivers and ad space; an animated logo that turned the ‘i’ dot into a rolling ZiGGY; and all-wheel drive coupled with independent front and rear steering, enabling ZiGGY to navigate tight spaces.

CGI Video

It’s one thing to describe the innovation and functionality of a product like ZiGGY. Far more effective, however, is to see it in action. Because the product is still in development, project partner The Orange Apple enabled us to create a hyper-real computer generated (CGI) video to show ZiGGY in action. This video went on to become the showpiece for ZiGGY’s PR launch.

Pitch and supporting documents

An array of supporting documents – strategic plan, company overview, press clippings, and more – along with a short narrative pitch were developed for sharing with potential investors.


Although investment results can’t be disclosed, ZiGGY continues to get the attention of the business and automotive press – and the communications materials play a prominent role in making this revolutionary innovation ‘real’. Here’s a clip from Fox Business and Car and Driver.

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