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The world needs more simple, compelling brands. Regardless of your budget, I can help.

Stop Busting Your Brand

Stop Busting Your Brand is a compilation of five mistakes I see all brand stewards make all the time. Read this – I guarantee you’ll walk away with concrete steps for improving your brand. 


BrandDIY is a workbook / workshop that mirrors the process I’ve developed over 30 years for crafting powerful, effective brands.

You can download both the BrandDIY instruction book and workbook here.

You can also engage me to coach your executive team through the BrandDIY process. Whether it’s a 3 hour workshop, or collaborating directly with your team on specific brand projects, the process will enhance their brand building skills with a tested, repeatable methodology.

Your Ultimate Speech

Writing speeches for leaders and entrepreneurs is a natural extension of my brand-building work. Both are based on effective storytelling, and both help companies build connections with consumers. 

You can download my book Your Ultimate Speech as a template to creating an effective presentation, or engage me for a workshop or to help you craft your own speech.

Your Ultimate Presentation Workshop

Create a presentation that gets ovations – and action

We’re now accepting applications for the next workshops. Attendance is limited to 10 participants per workshop. So apply now.

Need a simpler brand?

Book a time, and let’s talk. The first conversation is free, and I guarantee you’ll walk away with at least 3 positive steps you can take.