Are you a frustrated marketer?

You’re busy. Running a team, or a division, or the whole company. 

And then there’s marketing. And branding, and positioning, and of course the hurricane of social media.

You need all of the above to succeed. But everything about marketing your business has become a confusing, frustrating chore.

Google Icons of Endless Frustration. Your marketing tasks appear somewhere around page 12.

Here’s the good news. People haven’t changed.

Sure, we don’t wear bell bottoms or smoke on airplanes, but we still think and buy the way we did in 1969.

The heart of marketing has always been about understanding people, and how you solve a problem they have.

So solve their big problem, already…

Before you can reach more of your market you need to know one thing.

The BIG problem you solve.

And of course, how you solve it better than your competitors.

That’s where I come in…

Certainly, I can help build your brand, boost your traffic, and convert more sales. But the place I always start is by interviewing your customers and asking them incisive questions (usually the ones you’re afraid to ask.)

I find out what their big pain point is, and how you can make it go away. Most important, I morph their insights into ideas that turn their problem / your solution into messaging that converts.

In this video interview, I give away my secret to tapping customer insights. For Free. My accountant is shaking his head.


I’ve worked on hundreds of launches and campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. These experiences have given me a unique, powerful approach to brand building and marketing. And it always, always starts with your customers.

How I do it

I work with entrepreneurs, founders and leaders who understand that marketing goes deeper than shiny tools and tactics. They know they have to build value into their proposition, right from the ground up.

That doesn’t mean we put the brakes on their current efforts. I’m not interested in turning off the money tap, even if it isn’t flowing optimally.

What we do is develop campaigns that transition from the suboptimal old to the effective new. And at each stage, we lead with insights given to us by customers.

By doing this, we build a more powerful, sustainable brand while continuing to fill the sales funnel.

Here is a typical rollout sequence:

  • I begin by interviewing your core customers.
  • Then, I compare their insights with the positioning of your competitors. Are there gaps? Unfilled needs?
  • We brainstorm, turning customer insights into creative ideas that fuel new campaigns.
  • Then we consider your existing campaigns. Can we build something better without upsetting the apple cart?
  • Next step, test and scale the new marketing strategy.
  • If we need talent to execute, I dip into my rolodex. I have a deep rolodex.
  • Finally, we measure, optimize, and repeat.


Of course, this requires commitment. You need to need this, and see value in it. So, is it right for you?

Is this you?

When marketing works, it’s like magic—the right messaging to the right people at the right time. Like a dial, you turn up the volume and get more sales. Everyone wants that kind of magic.

When it doesn’t work…it’s another story.

Maybe this sounds familiar?

  • You create accounts on new social tools…and then abandon them.
  • You promote thinly-veiled pitches, of little, or no value to your audience.
  • You hire contractors who promise a ‘sure-fire’ marketing win but don’t deliver.
  • You wonder why it’s so hard for people to understand your big idea.

After over 30 years working with startups, SME’s and global brands, I know one thing for sure. You can’t fix a bad strategy by throwing more money at it. 

Instead, I want you to pause. 

Take a deep breath and let me ask you five simple questions:

  1. Do you worry you don’t stand out from the competition?
  2. Do your sales pitches often fall flat (and you’re not sure why)?
  3. Is it taking too long (costing too much?) to build market share?
  4. Are you tired of marketing plans that always miss targets?
  5. Does your messaging and your brand feel out of sync?


If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, I can help. I might not have all the answers, but I always know the right questions to ask.


So, who am I?

I bring big ideas to light.

I’ve helped companies ranging from local start-ups to global packaged goods giants create marketing campaigns that are simple, smart, and successful

I started my career as an ad writer at Grey Hong Kong, then BBDO Germany. I was the creative director for DDB Toronto, and National Creative Director at Grey Advertising Global. I built and sold my own agency before turning my attention to working independently with entrepreneurial brands.

Today, I help entrepreneurs – like you – rediscover the essence of what makes their company special, and I help them tell the world.

Let’s talk. Or you talk, I’ll listen.

If you are ready to get back to the basics and enjoy some good news, let’s talk. We can start with a confidential 30-minute discovery call. Click below to find the best time for you.