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The advice you need to win your next pitch. Period.

You've poured everything into your idea.
Don't let it die in one short pitch.

Pitching isn’t fair. It doesn’t matter how brilliant your idea is – if you can’t get your audience to the “Tell Me More” stage in seconds, you lose.

The downfall of most pitches isn’t content. It’s perspective. You live and breathe your idea. It’s your passion. But your audience doesn’t share your passion. Their self-interest is their only interest in you. You pitch needs to deliver what they want to hear. 

Hans Anderssen
Anderssen Recovery Coaching
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"Holy s***, was it ever worth it!"
Nick Dechev
Nick Dechev
Victoria Hand Project
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"Marc helped us prepare for - and WIN - the pitch for the $1 million TD Ready Challenge."
Ame-Lia Tamburrini
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"Not what I wanted to hear - what I needed to hear."

Books and courses don't fix this problem

I’ve written a guidebook on pitching. I’ve created a course. Neither solve the perspective problem. Only one thing enables you to get inside the heads of your audience: partnering with someone who represents that audience. An outsider who understands human psychology.

I’ve coached over 200 business founders on how to win pitches. In my previous life as a creative director, I quarterbacked pitches that won my agencies millions of dollars. I understand what makes audiences lean forward and ask for more.

Getting audience feedback doesn't fix this problem

Your average audience member knows immediately if your pitch is failing. But they can’t articulate what’s missing, because their reaction is rooted in their subconscious. The result? They’ll give you rational tips that don’t fix the core problem.

Coaches who don't understand persuasion can't fix this problem

Nothing against business coaches, but this isn’t a business problem – it’s a persuasion problem. Crafting a winning pitch means getting to consumer insights that trigger action – whether that action is buying a Coke, or leaning forward and asking you enthusiastic questions about your idea. 

Mark Grambart
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"Marc's methods work!"
Robert Cooper
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"Marc's solutions are easy to understand, fast to implement, and helped us explain our offering exponentially better to potential clients."
Rob Bennett
Program Director, Viatec
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"It's a fast-paced journey to understanding how to tell your story to any audience."
Nikki Thibodeau
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"Marc has an ultra-engaging energy and a level of no bullshit that every business owner can benefit from."

Optimize My Pitch was inspired by the 3 Minute Pitch workshop


We begin with a 45-minute private call where we review your pitch, detail what’s missing, and map out the fixes needed.

Follow up and polish

Once you’ve made the improvements, we have a 15 minute final review call to make any remaining tweaks.



No-risk guarantee

If Optimize My Pitch doesn’t transform your pitch, I’ll refund your money.


I'm Marc

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  • I’m a brand strategy consultant with over 30 years of experience building successful brands.
  • I work primarily with entrepreneur-driven companies like Pathway Innovations, Spirit Bay, Pure Pharmacy, Sisu, DeliverySlip, Connect2Learning, First Light Technologies, and Flytographer.
  • I’m an advisor with the Holt Fintech Accelerator, and Foresight Cleantech Accelerator.
  • My pitch workshops are a regular feature at incubators like Alacrity and Viatec.
  • In my previous career, I was the National Creative Director at Grey, and the Toronto Creative Director at DDB. My work has won every major advertising award in the world, including 3 Cannes Lions.
  • Following that, I launched Change, an ad agency committed to making sustainability sexy. Following a successful exit, I launched my consulting career.

Frequently asked questions

I love working with entrepreneurs. And most entrepreneurial businesses fail because the founders can’t sell their vision. I think it’s a tragedy that so many great ideas die before they can realize their potential. I’m trying to help entrepreneurs help the world.

Both. In our video calls, we dig into your visual content and spoken content. If you have a leave-behind deck, we’ll review that as well.

Two things: expertise, and perspective. I succeeded in advertising by understanding human psychology – I know what triggers an audience. And as an outsider, I can quickly pinpoint where your messages are missing the mark.

Yes! I guarantee Optimize My Pitch will transform your pitch, or I’ll give your money back.

I’ve optimized hundreds of pitches. In the first 45 minute call, I can pinpoint weaknesses in your pitch, and guide you on how to fix them. In the second 15 minute call, I can confirm you’ve made the changes that will give you a winning pitch.

$300 USD with no contract, commitments or ongoing fees. Book yours here. If you win a single pitch for investment, or win a new client for your business, the cost of Optimize My Pitch is a rounding error.

Yes. In fact, it’s the perfect time to optimize – instead of unbuilding and rebuilding your pitch, I can help you get it to 11 the first time around.

Yes. It’s you and me on a video call. The call is recorded so you can refer back to it.

Yes. Just drop me a line at and I’ll send you details of how I can help you.

Don't let your great idea die. Pitch it to win.