A group of entrepreneurs wanted help launching a supermarket as accessible as mainstream groceries, but featuring unsurpassed integrity in organics and naturals. Their dream was to create a brand for everyone, with products that would up the ante of competitors like Whole Foods.

My involvement began with research and brainstorming focused on positioning. The goal was to discover a niche Pomme could legitimately occupy and grow with. Not an easy task in British Columbia’s highly developed ‘natural / local / organic’ marketplace.

Once we landed on the position, we wrapped it in the countless elements that comprised an ideal consumer experience. Personally, I oversaw the naming of the company, the logo creation, store graphics, advertising, social and online.

It was crucial that Pomme not only advertise its offerings, but build value with consumers. To this end, we conceived an indepth content marketing program – a program that gave consumers confidence in Pomme’s expertise while establishing a dialogue that could be used to innovate new programs.

Pomme’s launch was a success, and the company is growing.