Eclipses, superstition, and marketing.

On August 21st, the world witnessed a stunning solar eclipse. And in completely unrelated news, on August 21st I went on the air to chat marketing.

It seemed too good an opportunity to pass up. Could I draw a parallel between eclipses and marketing?

Turns out, finding the connecting threads wasn’t terribly difficult.

Marketing to the faithful

We, humans, crave stability and control over our environments. In ancient times, eclipses (along with earthquakes and other natural disasters) robbed us of that control. We turned to our gods to make the world right again.

Today, not much has changed. But instead of gods, we worship at the temple of consumption. Not surprisingly, many savvy marketers (our new high priests) have given us tools they say will help us control our increasingly chaotic world.

Hope you enjoy the conversation I had on the subject as much as I loved the chat!

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