Nike, Kaepernick, and the power of a bold brand

Nike launched a bold brand statement on Labour Day. The campaign, featuring Colin Kaepernick and the rallying cry Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything brought in Nike’s 30th anniversary with a bang. There was outrage, as people burned their Nike shoes and tore the swooshes from their socks. There was support, as Nike gear instantly gained status as the uniform of those seeking a more just society.

And then, there were the sales – the reason companies launch commercials in the first place.

Are bold brands rewarded? It depends.

After an initial 3% dip in the stock market, sales exploded. According to Edison Trends, Nike sold 31% more in this launch period vs Labour Day 2017.

This incredible impact could’ve just as easily gone terribly wrong. Not every brand can convincingly ally itself with a political movement. In the hands of lesser brands, this move would’ve come off as a garish stunt.

So why did it work?

I went on the air to talk about the Nike campaign, and the sort of brand that can pull this off. Enjoy the conversation!

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