Can you improve your brand name?

You may feel your company is saddled with a terrible brand name. Welcome to the club.

Most companies have terrible, nondescript names. They’re named after their founders (Albert, Bean and Crumpet Incorporated), they use inscrutable acronyms (ABC Inc) or they use cryptic metaphors (Starchild Plumbing).

I have nothing against a bad brand name. But it hurts when I see these companies render themselves invisible in SEO because their name doesn’t reflect their Unique Selling Proposition.

Can’t change your brand name? Try a modifier.

Changing your brand name may not be an option, but it’s simple to improve your name with a name modifier. A modifier is a brief descriptive snippet that perfectly captures your advantage. Applied properly, it can become indivisible from your name.

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A good name modifier will boost your online visibility, and make it easy for everyone to know exactly what you do best.

Classic example: the Boeing 747. Terrible name, right? But add Jumbo Jet, and you have something that nails this jet’s strongest selling feature.

Here’s a little more on the power of great name modifier.

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