Mini Marketing Moment: ‘Key Visuals’

Consumers have the attention span of a goldfish. It’s extremely hard to capture, and hold their attention. And while we may find our brand copy fascinating, chances are consumers just don’t have the bandwidth to absorb it.

That’s why, as part of virtually every brand project, I help my clients create key visuals.

These visuals aren’t logos. Instead, they’re a visual metaphor for what your brand does best.

Key visuals are metaphors that capture what your brand does best – without words. Get your key visual nailed, and you have marketing gold.

There are wonderful examples to draw from. The man hanging from the girder beautifully demonstrates the adhesive power of Krazy Glue. The gorilla trying to break an American Tourister suitcase proves the case for the luggage’s toughness.

So what’s your key visual? Crack this one, and you have a terrific icon you can use everywhere – in your office, on your stationery, In your ads, on your website and social, even as giveaways for your clients. It’s worth its weight in gold.

As a brand strategy expert, successful entrepreneur, and award-winning author, Marc Stoiber uses simplicity and creativity to help people discover what’s awesome about their business… and then helps them tell the world. For more on creating your company’s value proposition, connect with Marc on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn, and sign up to his monthly newsletter.  

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